Project Restart aims to return businesses and scaffold workers to a more normal state following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Health and Safety Executive has issued a warning regarding faulty Chinese-made face masks entering the UK market.

Safety Alert over Face-Masks

Safety Alert for Scaffolders

Project Restart is underway to bring normalcy to businesses and scaffold workers post-COVID-19. The Health and Safety Executive has issued a safety alert regarding the influx of unreliable Chinese face masks in the UK market.

KN95-claiming face masks from China offer insufficient protection against COVID-19 and are often accompanied by low-quality materials and fake documentation.

No independent certification exists to verify the quality of products labeled as “KN95.” The manufacturer simply declares the products compliant with the KN95 rating.

PPE Assurance

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must have CE markings to be sold or supplied as PPE, except for PPE procured by the UK government for NHS or other healthcare workers, which has been evaluated by the Health and Safety Executive as the Market Surveillance Authority.

CE unmarked masks lacking proof of compliance must be taken out of circulation immediately. Without proper safety assessments, their effectiveness in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and managing other risks cannot be guaranteed. This leaves you and those around you at risk of contracting the virus without proper protection.

CE Marked

For CE-marked face masks, suppliers must demonstrate the authenticity of their documentation and CE markings with documentation from a Notified Body that shows compliance with the Health and Safety Executive’s essential requirements under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations.

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