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The team at Scaffolding Direct London have a passion for History, so we have done some research on the fascinating past of scaffolding. Believe it or not, scaffolding has been around since prehistoric times!

Some people would career altogether. So, what about trade? Are you thinking about scaffolding as a career?

A History of Scaffolding – Past Era

It is believed that scaffolding dates back to prehistoric times, as ancient cave walls in France still contain holes from nearly 17,000 years ago. These cave walls are famous for their wall paintings, created by the primitive inhabitants during the Palaeolithic period.

Evidence strongly suggests that Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt used wooden scaffolding for construction projects associated with their pyramids. Later on, during the Middle Ages, Monks employed scaffolding for building abbeys and churches.

Prior to the development of metal tubes, scaffolding was constructed from wooden branches or bamboo, with the latter being tied together with string. This practice is still widely used in China today as it is considered more affordable and poses less risk of injury if the structure collapses or is damaged.

In the early 1900s, Daniel PalmerJones, the grandfather of Scaffolding, recognised that metal poles were more dependable than wooden poles in the construction trade due to the fact that wooden poles had a tendency to slide when secured by ropes.

A History of Scaffolding Safety

In the wake of World War II, employers began recruiting men to work on building sites, even though they lacked the necessary skills to do so safely. As a result, inexperienced scaffolders were put at risk and safety protocols were often overlooked.

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We take immense pride in the work that we do and strive to deliver each job to the highest quality. Before we start any project, we will visit the location to assess the requirements and create a suitable scaffolding design.

The wellbeing and safety of our personnel and those onsite is of the utmost priority. We strictly comply with all safety regulations and protocols during scaffolding operations to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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