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hazards of working at height

Self-Employed Pay Back to Pre-Covid

Self-Employed Pay Back to Pre-Covid Some self-employed scaffolders have enjoyed their best month for earnings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and according to

History of Scaffolding, as we all know dates way back to prehistoric times

A History of Scaffolding

A History of Scaffolding The team at Scaffolding Direct London have a passion for History, so we have done some research on the fascinating past

Top 3 things about Scaffolding

Top 3 things about Scaffolding

Top 3 things about Scaffolding It’s common that just passing through town or near a block of flats, you might have subconsciously passed a scaffolding

Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in  London

YOBS Caught climbing Scaffolding

YOBS Caught climbing Scaffolding in London This week, London Police were alerted to two individuals engaging in suspicious behaviour in Leamington Town Centre. Upon arriving

Why Hong Kong uses Bamboo Scaffolding?

Why Hong Kong uses Bamboo Scaffolding?

Why Hong Kong uses Bamboo Scaffolding? Bamboo scaffolding has been used for centuries, and is still held in high regard today. Despite its delicate appearance,

Neglected chimneys can be accident waiting to happen, with the prospect of chunks of heavy masonry dislodged by storms and crashing from the roof

Restoring Chimneys in London

Restoring Chimneys in London When restoring a house, it is important to not neglect the chimney stacks, even though we may think of them as

Can an Advanced Scaffolder inspect Scaffolds?

Can an Advanced Scaffolder inspect Scaffolds?

Can an Advanced Scaffolder inspect Scaffolds? Anyone wishing to carry out scaffolding inspections must meet certain criteria in order to be considered competent. The National

How Much do tradespeople get paid? A Man picks up a business card from a workbench

How Much does a Tradespeople earn?

Did you know Scaffolders, earn more than architects? Scaffolders are now earning a higher annual salary than architects. On average, a scaffolder earns £40,942 a

4 reasons why you might think: Is scaffolding dangerous?

Is Scaffolding Dangerous?

Is Scaffolding Dangerous ? People who work at heights are exposed to the potential for accidents and injuries. However, those who work with scaffolding face

What is Scaffold Netting? They're a type of netting to help prevent debris from falling

What is Scaffold Netting?

What is Scaffold Netting? Debris Netting, often referred to as ‘Scaffold Netting’, is a green mesh that is used on construction sites to contain any

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Scaffolding Industry urged to use NHS App

Scaffolding Industry urged to use NHS COVID-19 App Business owners in the scaffolding industry have encouraged other British companies to implement the NHS COVID-19 app,

Man who works in scaffolding suffering from Mental health

Mental Health in Construction

Mental Health in Construction Working in construction can be an incredibly rewarding industry to be a part of. The sense of accomplishment felt when a

A Picture of Big Ben covered in Scaffolding in London

Big Ben Scaffolding to be Removed

Big Ben Scaffolding to be Removed Scaffolding hiding the roof of the Elizabeth Tower, one of London’s most famous landmarks, which houses Big Ben, will

mobile towers

£100K Funding Boost for Scaffold Industry

£100K Funding Boost for Scaffold Industry Scaffolding Direct London has been granted a £100,000 boost from Business Loans through the London Engine Investment Fund, as

How to get a good scaffolding £100K Funding Boost quote

How to get a Good Scaffolding Quote

Getting a good scaffolding quote is important when you’re doing some exterior building work on your home. Doing it yourself by standing on a chair

Scaffolding Future in the construction industry

What is the positive impact on the Scaffold Future?

Scaffolding Future Technology is revolutionising the construction industry, streamlining delivery, reducing risk, and increasing productivity in scaffolding projects throughout the supply chain. This technology is

Safety Scaffolding UK

Safety Scaffolding UK

Safe Scaffolding means no Accidents Safety Scaffolding UK For the UK scaffolding industry, 2019 saw a historic low in the number of accidents and injuries

United Kingdom Scaffolding Training

United Kingdom Scaffolding Training

United Kingdom Scaffolding Training Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, scaffolding training in the United Kingdom is adapting to a new way of operating. Institutes

Part-Time Scaffold Erectors wanted

Scaffold Erector Job

PART-TIME SCAFFOLD ERECTOR WANTED! We are looking to hire two Part-Time Scaffold Erectors with a Gold card and a valid licence to drive 7.5 tonne

Protecting Site Workers

Protecting Site Workers

Protecting Site Workers In order to ensure the safety of our site workers, lockdown restrictions will be further eased on July 4th 2020, with the

Scaffold Boards | Scaffold | Scaffolding Direct London

Scaffold Boards

The Best Scaffold Boards Scaffolding is an essential part of the construction industry, and timber scaffold boards are a key component in this. Scaffold boards

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More Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions If you’ve already checked out our post about frequently asked questions related to scaffolding, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve come

Safety Alert over Face-Masks

Safety Alert over Dodgy Face Masks

Project Restart aims to return businesses and scaffold workers to a more normal state following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Health and Safety Executive has

Low-angle Photography of Notre-Dame | Scaffold | Scaffolding Direct LondonLondon

Scaffolding Removed from Notre-Dame

Scaffolding Removed from Notre-Dame Work has started to clear melted scaffolding from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, marking progress in the rebuilding efforts after the

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scaffolding

Frequently Asked Questions About Scaffolding Here at scaffolding direct london, we get asked many questions about Scaffolding from health and safety to the different jobs, here we’ll answer

two healthy scaffolders

Are Scaffolders Allowed to Work

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused significant disruption to businesses, including Scaffolding Direct London, impacting their operations, supply chains, customer interaction, and services. The most pressing

chimney access

How much to Hire Scaffold for Chimney?

Discover the complete information you need to know about hiring scaffolding services in the London area with Scaffolding Direct London. Our professional scaffolders offer price

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Scaffolding Training to Resume

It’s been nearly 10 weeks since the implementation of lockdown and with businesses and schools preparing to reopen with social distancing measures in place starting

Why do we use scaffolding?

Why do we use Scaffolding?

Why do we use Scaffolding? This temporary structure is used to elevate, offer support and provide strength and materials during a construction project in London, London. scaffolding direct london from Solihull, London uses scaffolding for repairing or

Boris Johnson urges Construction workers to go back to work

Back to Work! PM Tells Construction Workers

In the yesterday’s evening broadcast with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced to the nation it was time to re-open construction sites and let construction workers back to


Front and Side Scaffolding for Houses

Here at scaffolding direct london we work directly with each individual household and business companies, as well as local authorities too. As a construction company and

Scaffolding-London scaffolding training

5 Ways to Keep Scaffolders Healthy

scaffolding direct london have posted guidelines for worker safety specifics to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus within the Construction industry. It is at

Why do we use scaffolding?

Looking for Stairway Scaffolding?

Are you in need of a scaffolding solution for stairways or narrow passageways in London? Look no further than Scaffolding Direct London! Our Stairway Access

Scaffolding Training inLondon

Don’t Put Pressure on Scaffolding Specialists

The Scaffolding Specialist’s Pressure The recent COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the government have not halted the construction industry in London, so no contractor should feel

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Solihull College

Solihull College,London

The Solihull College Job Last week, our team of four men had the privilege of tackling a big installation job at Solihull College in London.

Scaffolding Mobile Tower and platform ladder for stairway

How to use Platform ladder Systems

Here at London Scaffolding, the home of the number 1 scaffold company in Solihull, we use the self-supporting portable platform ladder on many construction projects

Scaffolding Direct London - Roofing inLondon

The HAKITEC Roof · Temporary Roof Systems

The HAKITEC roof, designed to be quickly assembled to provide robust weather protection and covering medium to large construction sites. This uses very few components;

The General Requirements in Scaffolding

Which Type of Scaffolding do I Need?

Scaffolding is an essential part of many construction projects in London. It is a temporary structure that provides support to buildings and workers carrying out

The General Requirements in Scaffolding

The Right Tools for the Job

So, imagine this, you’ve joined our incredible team at scaffolding direct london-Solihull |London Hire, your scaffolding specialists, and you’re in charge of erecting the scaffold,

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The Cost of Scaffolding inLondon

Are you wanting bespoke scaffolding on your building within the London area? The hire prices for scaffolding can cost a lot, which can sometimes be

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How much weight can Scaffolding Hold?

Us here at scaffolding direct london-Solihull ·London Hire, your scaffolding specialists, and we have always wondered and asked the question to our customers about how

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Checklist: Who Inspects Scaffolding?

Checklist: Who Inspects Scaffolding? When working in the construction industry in London, it is important that you understand the Health and Safety regulations while working

Scaffolding Solihull - worker with the right tools

Hire a Scaffolder inLondon

Hire a Scaffolder inLondon Looking to do some work at a height? Our Scaffolders and Scaffold towers provider a save alternative to ladders. Simply Hire

The General Requirements in Scaffolding

The General Requirements in Scaffolding

Here at scaffolding direct london Solihull |London No1 Scaffolding Company, we have put together some general requirements that should be met when working on a construction

Formwork in scaffolding

Scaffolding Formwork

Scaffolding Formwork Formwork is an integral part of any scaffolding within the construction industry, whether that project involves the creation of buildings, bridges, or repairs

The Scaffolding Experts team at Scaffolding Direct London

How to become a Scaffolder

How to become a Scaffolder |London’s Best Scaffolding Company 2020 Here at scaffolding direct london, we have put together the best tips on ‘How to

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Brexit in the Scaffolding Industry,London

Brexit in the Scaffolding Industry With Christmas around the corner, something else is lurking too, the snakes of parliament. People of the UK and Northern

How to hire a Scaffolder in Solihull,London

We are TheLondon Experts

Welcome to scaffolding direct london |London Scaffold Hire The Scaffolding Experts scaffolding direct london |London Scaffold Hire are an access scaffolding experts company based in

Scaffolding tower block on YouTube

Edge Protection Roofs | Scaffolding-London

Edge Protection Roofs Scaffolding |London Scaffold Hire is an access scaffolding company basedin the London. Established in 2007, We have over 13 years’experience serving some

Scaffolding Training inLondon

Political Uncertainty: The Scaffolding Effect

Political Uncertainty With Christmas around the corner, something else is lurking too, Political Uncertainty! the snakes of parliament. People of the UK and Northern Island

How much is it to hire scaffolding in 2020?

Behind the Scaffolding: Church Tour

Ricki, Owner of scaffolding direct london-Solihull, had a visit the church to see how work was progressing. He mentions: “They braved very high winds to

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Strong Winds Pull Down Scaffolding

In a town somewhere nearLondon on a residential street, strong winds have pulled down scaffolding trapping numerous parked cars under it and of course blocking


YouTube for Scaffolding Solihull

We’re on YouTube – Scaffolding Direct London |London Watch our YouTube Video of our team, who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of

Scaffolding Inspectors

Independent Scaffolding Inspections

What are the benefits to Independent Scaffolding Inspections? Here at scaffolding direct london-Solihull |London Scaffold Hire, we know that the main requirement of scaffolding is

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Scaffolding Company FINED!! Breaking News Bulletin from Scaffolding Direct London | Scaffolding Hire… A scaffold company based in Nottingham has been fined for breaching health

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Contractors must re-think Scaffolding

Managing director of scaffolding direct london-Solihull, Ricki Grenfell, is urging all contractors in the construction industry to re-think scaffolding to increase levels of safety, efficiency

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The Durability of Scaffolding

Like many construction sites, durability is an essential part of almost all scaffolding projects. It serves as a skeletal structure surrounding the sides of a

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Scaffolding Verses the National Trust

Scaffolding Verses the National Trust The 18th Century Ickworth House nearLondon is having some major refurbishment, but it is hidden away by Scaffolding spanning 360


Berkswell is a village and civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, county of London, England. Historically in London, Berkswell is in the east