Testing Kits for all construction workers

With the easing of lockdown, many businesses are set to reopen, but concerns over the safety of staff remain. Scaffolding companies in the construction industry can now access free COVID-19 test kits for their employees to use at home.

COVID Testing Kits for all construction workers for at home

Construction firms can now obtain free COVID test kits for workers to use at home. Companies with over 10 employees can register on the site and obtain tests until June end. The move is aimed to promote safety as businesses reopen, and for companies that cannot conduct on-site testing due to space constraints or multi-site operations. The new program allows for twice-a-week testing via home-collected kits.

COVID Testing Kits for all construction workers for at home

COVID Testing Kits for all construction workers for at home

Construction workers now have access to fast lateral flow tests for at-home virus detection with results in 30 minutes. If a positive result is obtained, a more accurate PCR test can be taken.


The option for home testing encourages more firms to implement workplace testing and helps overcome the challenge of limited space or facilities for on-site testing. The government is encouraging firms to register for free tests before the end-of-week deadline as part of their efforts to protect staff and the public from COVID-19.

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