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Roofing scaffolds are impermanent support frameworks that are suitable in construction or fixing of the roof.

We provide roofing scaffolds in various sizes and lengths with a right sense of symmetry based on the prerequisite. Our roofing scaffolds are safe and are made from premium materials including top notch wood, high quality steel, aluminum and iron. These platforms are adjustable to desired height and dimensions. Be it a horizontal or transverse dimension, we have them all with maximum strength and stability.

Be it plastering the ceiling or fixing the roof or constructing the roof, our roof scaffolds upgrade your efficiency and serve all the purposes and bolster the workers in supply of materials with effortlessly.

Roofing scaffolds are easy to assemble and dismantle. They can be mounted on casters with ease. Our service providers efficiently fix it and disassemble depending on your requirement and time frame.

Be it a new shopping complex construction or a hospital, we provide scaffolds of different sizes to serve different purposes. Make sure to browse through the options. We have a satisfied our customers for years and hold a great track record with zero chances of skids, slips or any kind of accidents.

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffolding for a DIY project, new roof or any other reason. Scaffolding direct london will deliver and set-up all the scaffolding you need in one day. We provide scaffolding services for undertaking any kind of roofing works like new roof construction, roof repair or modification of roof structure. We have scaffolding structures specialized for roofing works and thus it assists the workers to carry out their tasks without any hassles. Our scaffolding materials are of the highest quality wood and metals. Once the work is done and when you no longer require the scaffolding, we will aim to dismantle normally within 48 hours.

Not sure of you need scaffolding to do roof repairs, talk to our experts before you start, they will give the correct requirements on what is needed.

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We provide stable roofing Scaffold for all your roof repairs for any type of requirements in and around the London area.

Need to repaint or repair a chimney? Contact us for any scaffolding requirements. We have everything for the ultimate access experience.

Mobile towers may provide the right solution for the job. Freestanding scaffolds, Scaffold towers are self-supporting units.

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffold hire, look no further than Scaffolding Direct London.

Contact Us for any kind of Platform Gantry requirements. We are available across London.

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