Protecting Site Workers

In order to ensure the safety of our site workers, lockdown restrictions will be further eased on July 4th 2020, with the reopening of more shops, bars, and construction sites. All of these sites must adhere to the safety guidelines provided by the government in order to protect our workers. This includes ensuring that social distancing measures are taken, proper sanitation protocols are followed, and that all workers are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). With these measures in place, we can ensure that our site workers are protected and continue to work safely.

Protecting Site Workers

The goal is to gradually exit Lockdown in a way that allows the nation to return to a sense of normalcy, while still controlling the spread of COVID19 and keeping the number of cases decreasing.

Here at Scaffolding Direct London near London, we have picked out the government’s key points, and share with you the importance of them so you get a full understanding.

Protecting Site Workers by keeping Contact to a minimum

To help minimise the risk of the spread of the virus, site workers should carefully consider who needs to be on site and keep numbers to a minimum. Working in staggered patterns for the coming weeks is strongly encouraged, and temperature checks should be regularly performed for all workers.

2 metre gaps

Maintaining a twometre distance between people is a key component of these guidelines, both while in the workplace and on construction sites. It is important that these social distancing rules are followed in order to help reduce the spread of infection.

If social distancing cannot be adhered to, it is important to decide whether the activity is essential for the site to keep functioning. If it is, then it is necessary to implement measures to reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible.


Scaffolding Direct London are committed to providing a safe working environment for their employees. To help reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone safe, they recommend washing hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitiser, before entering any enclosed machinery, such as diggers, with other people. To ensure this is followed, additional popup handwashing stations or facilities should be provided, with access to soap, water and/or hand sanitiser.

Other Guidelines

Visitors to the site must bring their own PPE and must not share any PPE, including highvis jackets. To ensure social distancing and safety, a oneway system is required when possible and lunch breaks should be staggered. Meetings should be held outdoors where feasible.

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