Here at scaffolding direct london, we get asked many questions about Scaffolding from health and safety to the different jobs, here we’ll answer them for you.

The Questions:

Scaffolding and Solihull College - Questions about Scaffolding

Must I use a tag system on a Scaffold?

Scaffolding erectors must be inspected if they are over 2 metres in height, and a report issued by a competent person must be produced upon completion and then at regular weekly intervals. This is a legal requirement.

A risk assessment may identify the need for scaffolding to be inspected more frequently than usual. Inspections should take place after any modifications and after bad weather.

A visible tag system can be a helpful addition to inspection reports, allowing those using the scaffolding to easily identify that it has been certified as safe for use on the construction project.

What Qualifications do I need?

Scaffolding Direct London has stringent guidelines in place that require any design, erection, alteration and dismantling to be carried out by qualified professionals, and all works must be supervised by a competent individual. This is in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations of 2005.

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How can I prevent falls?

Prevent falling from scaffolding

You can prevent falls during the erection of scaffolding by using an advanced guard rail system. Where this is not practicable, workers should wear harnesses to arrest their fall.

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