We are the No1London Scaffolding Experts 

Experts in ScaffoldingLondon Scaffolding Direct London are Experts in this sector[/caption]

We are the London Experts in all access of scaffolding company based in the London.

Established in 2007, We have over 13 years’ experience serving some of the biggest names within the construction industry on a wide range of projects with our extensive range of scaffolding solutions.

Our varied service offering includes protection screens, temporary roof systems, non reflex sheeting, scaffolding for building refurbishments, facade retention, scaffolding for demolition projects, public access stair towers to name a few.

Rest assured our team will work with you at every stage to ensure the success of any scaffolding requirements are met.

  • Why we stand out from the crowd?
  • Expert and professional advice
  • Creative & Intelligent ideas
  • Thorough planning and preparation
  • A fully project managed service

It’s all about service, and about making sure that you feel confident with your choice, and know you are getting the safest solution in the field. We take pride in our work, and treat every job as if it were our own home or office.

Scaffolding Experts? Safety first in this sector is most the important aspect of hiring any scaffolding, all platforms from experts is the guarantee of safety. Working at height comes with risks, so it’s crucial to try and minimise these risks wherever possible. When you work with a reputable scaffolding company, you can guarantee that they will source their products from equally reputable manufacturers and as a result, their structures will be of the highest quality. Further to this, scaffolders will visit your job site prior to designing the construct to get a comprehensive understanding of your project, allowing them to assemble the perfect scaffold tower for your requirements. 

Upon visiting your site, they will also try to get an understanding of any obstacles and challenges that could be faced so that these can be overcome early and they will likely carry out a risk assessment, ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible. 

A professional scaffolding firm will erect the scaffolding themselves to guarantee that everything is put together properly and they will also dismantle it when your project comes to an end. Scaffolding specialists will have undergone extensive training and will be well-versed on how to assemble and dismantle scaffolding safely and efficiently, ensuring you and your team aren’t put in harm’s way. 

From the Pole to the last tube they take on your project to the minute it ends with an experienced scaffolding experts team will take both yours and your colleagues’ safety into account and with their assistance, you can rest assured that your construction job will be in the best hands possible.

Why scaffolding direct london!

Dedicated to driving the evolution in Scaffolding, scaffolding direct london are working to be better in design and construction, to improve safety and efficiency. We are Scaffolding Experts and provide the top service in theLondon locations.

Proven as successful in many projects to date including the Solihull College. If you are the principle contractor looking for minimise costs or delays in your construction project give Scaffolding direct london a call, with our comprehensive range of services we have everything you will require.

Our training program ensures your Scaffolding project are following all current legislations and we run courses to keep our team on top form.

Aside from supplying the structures themselves, there are many other services that Scaffolding Direct London can offer. Taking full Advantage of these will boost the success of your project further. 

scaffolding direct london is part of RSG Contractors.

If you need a reliable scaffolding company near you for your next project, call us today and get your construction job off to a flying start.

We care, and it shows


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