What is Scaffold Netting?

Debris Netting, often referred to asScaffold Netting‘, is a green mesh that is used on construction sites to contain any debris that may come off of a scaffolding platform. This netting is typically tied between the scaffolding poles to ensure that the debris is kept within the designated area.

What is Scaffold Netting? 5

What is Scaffold Netting?

To protect the public from potential dangers, such as falling materials and dust which can cause eye injuries, debris netting must be used whenever access to a hazardous area is necessary. Additionally, a risk assessment must be conducted to determine the necessary safety measures.

What is Scaffold Netting? They're a type of netting to help prevent debris from falling

Debris Netting or scaffold netting can be made of arrange of materials, such as:

Scaffold netting is usually green, but in high-visibility areas, it can be printed with images, ads, or logos. This printed netting can show the façade of the building behind it, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Find out more on Scaffolding including, Planning Permission for scaffold sites, and health and safety.

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