This week, London Police were alerted to two individuals engaging in suspicious behaviour in Leamington Town Centre. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers found the duo scaling scaffolding, for which they were issued fines due to the COVID19 restrictions in place.

Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in  London

Climbing on Scaffolding without permission

Police Officers arrived at 3am on Tuesday, February 23rd to investigate two individuals climbing on scaffolding at a building site in the town centre.

Both suspects, who have not been identified for legal reasons, could not give a reasonable explanation for their actions. As a result, they have been reported for fines for breaching the National Lockdown, which requires that households must not leave or be outside their home except for essential reasons, such as shopping for basic necessities, going to work when home working is not possible, or exercising.

Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in  London

To prevent unauthorised access onto a construction site, it is advisable to install a continuous, fixed perimeter fence. All gaps should be kept small to avoid children or other trespassers from climbing through or underneath.

Regular checks should be conducted to ensure the fencing is in good condition, and that no materials, skips, or plant are stored or parked in a manner that can assist a trespasser in breaching the perimeter.

The Dangers of Public Accessing

The public accessing scaffolding and construction sites poses a major safety hazard. Individuals who are not familiar with the industry may be enticed by the unknown environment of the scaffolding and view it as a potential “playground”, without understanding the dangers that come with it. This is especially dangerous for children, who are too young to recognise the risks they are taking.

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The Cost of Scaffolding and scaffold inspection inLondon

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