Why Hong Kong uses
Bamboo Scaffolding?

Bamboo scaffolding has been used for centuries, and is still held in high regard today. Despite its delicate appearance, it has stood the test of time, showing that it is a strong and reliable method of scaffolding.

Bamboo Scaffolding method

In Hong Kong, bamboo scaffolding is the primary method used to construct skyscrapers, which may appear risky at first glance. However, bamboo rods offer numerous advantages over iron rods in terms of cost, speed of construction, and transportability.

Moreover, bamboo scaffolding is actually safer, as the bamboo rods are much lighter than iron rods and cause less damage if they fall.

To build with bamboo, which can reach heights like The Shard in London, only three materials are necessary: Bamboo Rods, Scissors, and String. Scaffolders often construct the scaffold structure in the middle of the night, working for eight hours at a time.

Why Hong Kong uses Bamboo Scaffolding? 5
Why Hong Kong uses Bamboo Scaffolding? 6

Most Common Method in Hong Kong

Bamboo scaffolding is not only a common sight at construction sites across the city, but has also been used to create temporary theatres and church halls for theYu Lan Ghost Festival‘. This includes Cantonese opera performances and other ceremonies.

In 2000, Berlin was amazed by a bamboo scaffolding installation crafted by several scaffolders from Hong Kong. Despite the initial skepticism from German scaffolders, the structure was incredibly strong and held up to the surprise of all. The work of art won an award from the Hong Kong institute of Architects, leaving the people of Berlin in awe.

Our scaffolding structures are made from the highest quality materials that meet industry standards, and we regularly inspect them to ensure their strength and integrity. We are the number one choice for scaffolding in the London area.

The Cost of Scaffolding and scaffold inspection inLondon

We understand the importance of delivering a perfect job and take great pride in our work. As such, upon signing a contract, we first visit the location and prepare a suitable scaffolding design for the project.

The safety of our employees and all other personnel onsite is of utmost importance to us. We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and protocols while performing scaffolding work to ensure everyone‘s safety.

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