In a town somewhere nearLondon on a residential street, strong winds have pulled down scaffolding trapping numerous parked cars under it and of course blocking the road. The Big Bad Wolf really wanted those piggy’s this time. The incident happened in the early hours of the morning which was fortunate as, at a busier time of day, the risk to the general public would have been significantly higher.  The severe weather caused chaos and disruption in the area with trees falling and transport networks affected.

The incident is a stark reminder that scaffolding should be carefully planned, designed and erected to the appropriate standards and doing so means it will withstand severe weather conditions. Adhering to the recommendations in the scaffolding direct london blogs ‘Does Scaffolding need planning permission’ and ‘Scaffold safety for Autumn and Winter’ should ensure scaffolding is stable enough to withstand the very worst of what the British weather has to offer.

Strong Winds Pull Down Scaffolding 1
London Scaffold House 2

Regular, independent inspections can help to identify any issues or potential weaknesses which could leave scaffolding vulnerable in bad weather.  scaffolding direct london-Solihull can help with independent scaffolding inspection. We have a team of directly-employed, highly skilled and trained inspectors across theLondon area who can offer advice on what is required to ensure scaffolds that you control remain both safe and compliant. If you would like to find out more please give us a call on 01564 757575.

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