It’s been nearly 10 weeks since the implementation of lockdown and with businesses and schools preparing to reopen with social distancing measures in place starting June 1st, Scaffolding Training Provider “Simian” is among those set to resume operations next month.

Scaffolding-London scaffolding training

However, should we aim at testing the water first before coming out of Lockdown?

Physical Amendments in Training

We are taking the necessary measures to prepare for the reopening of our training center, including making physical changes such as adding more washrooms, providing sanitization stations, and altering the design of classrooms and site entry and exit points. Before entering the training center, delegates will be required to fill out a questionnaire and have their temperature checked.

To ensure social distancing, a one-way system will be established in shared walkways and the capacity of the centre will temporarily decrease, until it can safely operate under the new measures.

However, only customer-facing staff will be required to work at the centres as other support staff continue to be working from home.

The return of scaffolding training providers like Simian is crucial to the industry as they play an essential role in maintaining high standards of health and safety. The reopening process is subject to COVID-19 protection measures and the documentation of their procedures. These experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge to their clients, offering a comprehensive approach to safety in the workplace and providing peace of mind.

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