At Scaffolding Direct LondonSolihull, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality bespoke scaffolding solutions. Imagining the perfect scaffolding has become an integral part of our company‘s vision and ambition, and we are constantly looking for the best scaffolding solutions, no matter where they may be.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the best scaffolding:

Burj Khalifa scaffolding

Standing at an unbelievable 2,717 feet tall, the Burj Khalifa is one of the most impressive scaffolding projects ever created. Since its completion in 2008, the tower has been an aweinspiring sight, and is likely to remain the pinnacle of tall building construction for many years to come unless Elon Musk has anything to say about it!

The scaffolding erectors assembled more and more scaffolding as the build got taller, creating a secure and reliable structure.

I bet you’re wondering already; Why can’t I see the scaffolding near me being assembled or disassembled?

The Eden Project

In 1998, the Eden Project was constructed to promote sustainability and conservation education to the public. The project serves as an inspiration for those wanting bespoke scaffolding, as it showcases how to make the world more environmentally friendly.

Over 230 miles of specialised scaffolding were needed to construct two massive biomes. The scaffolding had to be reinforced to meet the requirements of the project.

The land of the Free?

In 1984, the famous green lady statue on Liberty Island underwent a renovation, requiring a scaffold that cost approximately 2 million to assemble. While the cost was significant, the idea of creating a giant stature that symbolised freedom in America was priceless.

Surrounded in aluminum scaffolding from head to toe, the restoration of the city was a huge success. Now, tourists who come to visit get to take pictures and selfies without any obstruction to their perfect shots.

Scaffolding Near Me

We are inspired by the projects that we have seen and been a part of, and this is why we created Scaffolding Direct London-Solihull. We are here to help you with your scaffolding needs, whether it be for a smaller residential build or a larger corporate project. We love any project and the challenges that come with it, and we are here to make sure that your scaffolding requirements are met.

Looking to do some work at a height? Our Scaffolders and Scaffold towers provider a save alternative to ladders. Simply Hire a Scaffolder and call us today. Our Hire rates and delivery chargers are some of the best in the construction industry.

What our customers say when they hire us

“I hire a scaffolder to do some work on my mum’s house. I don’t have experience in scaffolding, so I got them deliver and work on my mum’s house in London. They turned up as expected and was erected when expected. Good service from your guys on the phone and the team that helped on this big project.”     

Brief history about Scaffolding

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a caveman? It is interesting to note that scaffolding has been around since prehistoric times. Evidence of this can be seen in the holes that remain in the walls of the Palaeolithic caves at Lascaux in SouthWestern France. It is believed that these holes were used to create a platform for the ancient occupants to paint their famous wall murals over 17,000 years ago. If you are looking to hire a scaffolder in the prehistoric era, you may find some evidence from these primitive structures

Following the Second World War, a massive reconstruction program began in Britain to rebuild the bombed areas of cities such as London and Hull. Initially, wooden branches and lengths of bamboo were used for scaffolding construction, but these were soon replaced by metal tubes in the early 1900s

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