scaffolding direct london have posted guidelines for worker safety specifics to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus within the Construction industry. It is at our best interest to keep scaffolders healthy during this pandemic, while we are still able to work.

How to keep your scaffolders healthy

Healthy Scaffolders, Happier workers

Construction and Scaffolding workers at most sites in the London region do not need overly special precautions beyond those already in practice to protect them from hazards. However, various combinations of any engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices, and PPE may be appropriate for workers.

“Infecting people can spread COVID-19 through respiratory secretions” mentions Ricki Grenfell, owner of Scaffolding direct london, parent company of scaffolding and driveways in Solihull, London, London.

Basically, by coughing and sneezing, a person can spread the disease to another person, and within the construction industry – we are most likely among those to catch it due to being in close contact. Touching materials, such as, poles, ladders, tools, etc. means you are also more likely to catch COVID-19.

We know it can get rather sweaty wearing all the PPE, but avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth – as deadly bacteria can find itself in and again cause you to get COVID-19. This is a simple reminder – ‘WASH YOUR BLOODY HANDS!’

Screen All Employees’ Medical Records

Employees who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are more prone to serious complications when dealing with the coronavirus.

two healthy scaffolders

Keeping employees healthy and productive is not only sound on a moral level but a financial one as well. Health checks and lifestyle assessments usually comprise a combination of tests, which aim to give an individual a general overview of their health status and help to detect disease or risk factors early. Health checks could be provided through the NHS, a private medical provider, or as part of occupational health provision but should always be carried out by trained professionals who can offer good advice on the next steps, as necessary.

Employees of scaffolding direct London should be reassured as the results of the tests will remain confidential. Click on these helpful links here to see if you tick the healthy boxes:

Pre-employment health checks

NHS Health Checks

Wear Masks and Gloves

We recommend that you wear a mask when going out in public, not just on the job – not only will it stop you getting the virus, but it will help prevent you giving it to other people as well.

Keep Temperature Logs

Before starting work each day, ensure that all workers have their temperature checked.  It’s all about structure and making sure employees know the date that the system is being implemented, what it will look like, and why. No one likes being caught off-guard, even if it’s just a temperature check.

2 metre gap workstations

Even if you don’t have symptoms, you should work within the 2-metre gap to avoid any contact with anyone not in your household. Use a mechanical sprayer or thermal fogger that mists disinfectant into the air before wiping all surfaces down. Health experts say it’s enough to clean frequently with soap, alcohol, or bleach-based products.

Completely wipe down every work area before and after shifts. Consider hiring a company like Aftermath that specializes in biohazard remediation once or twice a week to ensure every area of your site is safe and clean for your team.

Stay Safe

Scaffolding design is essential to ensure that each job has a scaffolding structure on allLondon sites that is tailored to the nature of the construction site and the work itself, as well as ticking off safety measures and avoiding any legal or compliance issues.

Before the scaffold designer starts work on the design, they must be made aware of any obstructions that need to be avoided or bridged over and any doorways or access routes that need to be kept clear.

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