Scaffold Hire in theLondon, London Area. Scaffolding Direct London-London
Scaffold Hire in theLondon, London Area. Scaffolding Direct London-London

Being any company or business in this political is sure to give anyone stress and headaches, the Scaffolding industry is no exception, especially when it comes to Health and Safety that us as a company deal with such as, building regulations and scaffold rules and regulations. Brexit had casted a cloud of uncertainty over many compliance issues in the UK, even though the search for a deal is back on the table since the December 12th election.

What’s the Promise?

The Health and Safety Executive, yes it does sound important, looks after the whole of the Health and Safety in the UK. Perhaps the clamour for more information about how things will stand after Brexit, they have issued a statement that concerns the entire of the United Kingdom and its Health and Safety regulations following the exit from the European Union.


It is the Protections, and your duties to protect the health and safety of the people, will not change with Brexit, According to HSE (The Health and Safety Executive). There have been some minor amendments to the links on the HSE’s website in order to remove reference to the EU. However, the HSE has made assurances that legal requirements will remain the same as they are now after Brexit, and so will the protections that the regulations provide.

Can we still Business as Usual?

It has been advised by the HSE to all Businesses in theLondon, London that after Brexit, they should carry on managing their activities and employees in a manner that protects people. The key principle is that organisations’ obligations towards the people they are responsible for will not change with regards to Health & Safety.

Deal, Or No Deal?

At the time of writing, a deal has not been agreed that includes the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU. However, it should be noted that even in the event of no deal, the HSE has set out that its approach will be to preserve the existing standards of the regulations that are currently in place, allowing Britain to protect its environment and the people who inhabit it. In the case of work equipment and machinery, the priority will remain to ensure that only products which are compliant and safe are placed on the market. The changes which have been made to the legal product safety framework by the HSE have been done so in order to allow the framework to continue to be operable in the event of no deal.

Whether it’s construction safety guidelines, the central message is that businesses need not worry too much about impending changes to Health & Safety regulations post-Brexit, because the HSE is committed to keeping them the same.

Adequate Preparation

Scaffolding design is essential to ensure that each job has a scaffolding structure on allLondon sites that is tailored to the nature of the construction site and the work itself, as well as ticking off safety measures and avoiding any legal or compliance issues. Before the scaffold designer starts work on the design, they must be made aware of any obstructions that need to be avoided or bridged over and any doorways or access routes that need to be kept clear.

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