The Engineering Experts!

The Engineering Experts

As you might imagine, us here at Scaffolding-London, we repair structures of historic nature and new commercial and residential properties. Some companies do offer the equipment but not the expertise – not us, we’re the Engineering Experts! We can analyse your unique repair needs and recommend exactly what scaffolding is needed to get the job done. It is helpful for customers like yourselves to use a supplier who can use the equipment and have the engineer expertise that you’re looking for.

In the wideLondon area in London, UK, there are numerous customers and clients that require our assistance in all assists to complete the repairs. For Example, we did a complete restoration and scaffolding erection on a house in Solihull,London. With it, the challenge was to make sure that the scaffolding did not touch the surface. Scaffolding engineering expertise was necessary to enable workers to perform repairs and restoration safely from adjacent supports

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Our Scaffolding Experts are required to erect scaffolding quickly and safely so that it can withstand winds of 100 miles per hour. The scaffold also had to be installed during busy traffic, which we then have to make sure all final checks are safe to be in public use around theLondon area. Finally, our engineers can deliver the scaffold safely by van, packed together neatly so that when assembled it can be done in a quick fix.

The renovations of scaffold are always present with complex challenges. When you add the complexities of working on Residential or corporate buildings that span high above street level, you need engineering expertise that is relatively uncommon. It is most efficient to find that expertise within your scaffolding provider such as scaffolding direct london |London Scaffold Hire. The engineers know their equipment and are in the best position to make sure that it can handle all of the constraints required in the repairs.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 specify that scaffolding should be inspected by a competent person and it is not unusual for scaffolding suppliers to undertake inspection duties on the scaffold user’s behalf. However, it is important to note that the scaffolding hirer maintain the statutory duty to ensure that the scaffold is inspected in accordance with the Regulations.

Whilst scaffolding inspections can be carried out ‘in-house’, there are clear benefits to commissioning independent inspections. An independent inspector from a reputable provider will be highly trained and experienced. For example, all of scaffolding direct london’s Inspectors are CISRS qualified Scaffolders who hold, or who are working towards professional health and safety qualifications, who are also holders of CISRS SITS qualifications.

scaffolding direct london carries out an increasing number of ‘ad-hoc’ or ‘reassurance’ scaffold inspections (frequencies vary and are usually random, fortnightly or monthly) and our clients feedback to us that this gives them reassurance that that their routine inspections are sufficiently robust and helps them fulfil due diligence requirements in terms of ‘checking the checker’. Additionally, impartiality and objectivity is guaranteed and the inspection is based purely on compliance with industry and statutory requirements and/or any design schemes that are in place.

Training to be a Scaffolding Experts

For anyone interested in the construction industry, young adults leaving school at 18, It is possible to start a career in scaffolding at entry level, as a scaffolding labourer or trainee, without formal qualifications but ongoing training and industry recognised qualifications are key to progression within the industry.

With the right experience, training and qualifications, there are lots of opportunities to progress within a career in scaffolding, as well as the flexibility to work in different parts of the world. The UK scaffolding sector is made up of thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes and many of these are owned and managed by qualified Scaffolders, who started out labouring or driving and who have since progressed through the ranks to own their own businesses.

By a considerable distance, the most widely recognised UK qualification scheme for Scaffolders is the Construction Industry Scaffolders’ Record Scheme (CISRS). CISRS is widely regarded as the world’s most highly reputed scaffolding competence scheme, and it includes qualifications for Labourers, Scaffolders, Supervisors and Inspectors. Here are some of the key steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your training, and benefit from opportunities that arise.


The Scaffolding Experts team at Scaffolding Direct London

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