As the coronavirus spreads panic across the world like the Australia, how will it impact the potentially struggling businesses like the scaffolding industry?

More than 100,000 cases of the Coronavirus, with more expected until it peaks in May/June 2020. With the Government anxious about the Coronavirus spread, and since recently banned social gatherings in Theatres, Pubs, Restaurants, how will this affect the scaffolding industry?

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The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on businesses and it’s affecting operations, supply chains, customer engagement and service. Here at scaffolding direct London, we have made a list below of Gov websites and construction bodies.

Scaffolding Association




Remember to stay at home, save lives, save the NHS.

Possible actions for people working from home and school closing, but this isn’t possible for the scaffolding erectors who require heavy construction equipment. According to recent reports, a possible 80% of scaffolders will be unable to work during the forthcoming peak of the outbreak. The coronavirus has already penetrated into the industry, after EDF were building two new nuclear reactors, and one of the workers had contracted the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus in the ScaffoldingLondon Industry

Supply of Materials

Getting supplies like material used for ScaffoldingLondon will be heavily impacted as a result of many construction sites. For instance, tube and fittings are imported from China, a country which was the first to contract the coronavirus.

Ricki Grenfell, one ofLondon’s largest and best Scaffolding company scaffolding direct london-Solihull |London Hire is already taking additional steps to increase stockholding by spreading purchases across the geographical locations to hopefully reduce potential shortages.

Ricki Grenfell said this: “We are extremely aware of the current global situation of the Coronavirus, as always we carry vast stocks of equipment and have been in close communication with our supply chain. At this stage it remains fully operational, additional steps have also been taken to increase stockholding and mitigate the potential impact by spreading purchases across geographical locations such as, London, the London, West Brom and Solihull.”

The Scaffolding Direct London Van on location, prime and ready for action at Solihull College

Business as usual

Nobody can forecast how this situation will develop so we can continue to do our everyday lives as normal, that being said we will continue to monitor things daily and take positive action to do all we can to prevent stock issues and support our client base.

Scaffolding Specialists in Jungle atLondon site

In another statement released earlier this week, it is due to the nature of its business and as pre-planned that suppliers in Europe will continue to expand the stocks at their factories. Due to the past uncertainty of Brexit, these European companies already upped its high stock levels considerably.

How can we avoid the Coronavirus Spreading or even catching it?

You may have heard all these tips before, we can’t stress enough of how important it is, even after working site, please do this:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water often – at least 20 seconds or more! Wash your hands when you get in and from work/home.
  • Use Hand sanitiser gel if soap and water isn’t available.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze and cough
  • Dispose of tissues straight away after use and again, wash your hands afterwards.
  • If you’re unwell avoid contact with others, self-isolate for until feeling better.
  • DO NOT touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

How to hire a Scaffolder inLondon

This is a scary situation, but it doesn’t have to be. If your self-isolating, make it your time to be creative, think of the positives that you can do to pass the time and help your mind. Together we can work passed this and lets actually make 2020 the best year… well the second half of it anyway!

From all of us here at scaffolding direct London | Scaffold Hire inLondon, London, we wish you all the best through this difficult time, look after yourselves and stay positive as much as you can. Stay safe out there and get creative as much as possible.

All the best,

Ricki Grenfell and the scaffolding direct London|London Hire team.

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